Group I

March 8, 2015, What an excited Day! First time ever in Khambhat, a street play on Breast Cancer Awareness: “Cancer Atlay Cancel Nahin” Directed and written by: Jimeshbhai Acted by :Eksangh Members ~ Parulben Gandhi, Tejalben Shah, Varshaben Soni, Sonalben Joshi & Snehalben Soni !   Places & Dates of ‘Street Play’ March 3, 2015 – Sakarpur March … Continue reading Group I

In Planning Phase

January 24, 2015, First meeting to discuss about Cancer Awareness Campaign which was to take place at Cardiac Care Center on February 12, 2015. Eksangh was not born yet, but the involvement of local NGO women had started by being a big part of Cancer Campaign, organized by Jayshri Rami. Please click on the link to read more about Cancer … Continue reading In Planning Phase

What is ‘Street Play’

Street play and India share a long relation dating back to about 5000 years. The earliest form of theatre being the Sanskrit theatre. Bharata’s ‘Natya Shastra’ was the one of the earliest play enacted in India. Street play involves presentation in outdoor public spaces without a specific and paying audience but a fairly large group. These spaces … Continue reading What is ‘Street Play’

About The Project

The Eksangh team was created to stage a powerful act on creating awareness about Breast Cancer. We believe that ‘street play’ is a strong medium to create awareness, reach out to large groups without in a informal atmosphere that is appealing and life like. As a responsible group of women, we have come together to make a difference in the … Continue reading About The Project

Eksangh Mission

Empower & Encourage →    our mission is “to educate and empower the community by providing support and information about early detection and diagnosis for Breast  Cancer”. More and more women and men too, at a younger and younger age are diagnosed with breast cancer. Through education one can not only survive this disease but also live courageously, with grace … Continue reading Eksangh Mission